Friday, May 6, 2011

Speak to your Baby - Baby Signs

sweet, easy-going nine-month-old has suddenly turned into a demanding and
easily frustrated twelve- to eighteen-month-old. We used to blame this transformation
vaguely on the “terrible twos” (despite the fact that it’s the highly unusual
child who waits until age two). Much of the tantruming we see in the second
year results directly or indirectly from children not being able to communicate.
Just as is true for all of us, not being able to let people know what they need,
feel, or think about leaves children extremely frustrated. Unlike us, however,
they are left with few alternatives but to scream louder and cry harder.

Now parents don’t need to simply endure this difficult time. Thanks to Baby
Signs, and the two decades of carefully conducted research upon which it is
based, parents finally have a wonderful tool to help their children who want so
badly to communicate but whose vocal skills have not developed enough to do
so. Like an increasing number of pediatricians around the country, I strongly
encourage parents to use the Baby Signs program. Just as we have learned that
nursing is important for nurturing your baby’s body, we now know that signing
is important for nurturing your baby’s mind and heart.


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