Friday, September 21, 2012

Why do my baby vomits frequently without any other symptom of illness?

Why do my baby vomits frequently without any other symptom of illness?

I just want to share a real Vomiting experience: We had an experience with our 2 and half year old girl baby that she was vomiting frequently. we had given her water to drink in between the vomiting periods. she didn't show any other symptom of illness other than the vomiting, so we had a guess that she should had swallowed any foreign body. we didn't want to wait and do further vomiting analysis because we thought that this could cause serious problems if we had not consult a doctor. so we went to a doctor to consult about baby vomiting problem and he took x-ray and then he concluded that there was nothing in her stomach and on food passage.

The real problem for the vomiting was the excess quantity of water that she drunk before the vomiting, water in the stomach had triggered excess vomiting and we kept feeding her water further and again and again so she had vomited it. this was the main problem for the Vomit without any other symptom of illness.

Though I explained my experience about the reason for vomiting, there could possibly be many other reasons for vomiting. To understand and save our baby we need to be cautious that we always need to consult a doctor.


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